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Tetanus Kills 22 in Pakistan Quake Area

MUZAFFARABAD, Pakistan - Tetanus has killed 22 people and lack of food or shelter could threaten thousands more survivors of Pakistan's massive earthquake unless there is a huge injection of aid before winter closes in, U.N. officials said Thursday.

Donors, including Pakistan's rival India, have pledged $580 million for quake victims, but the United Nations said more resources were needed to save between 2 million and 3 million lives.

The Oct. 8 quake is believed to have killed nearly 80,000 people and left more than 3 million homeless. The World Food Program says it needs to distribute more than 500 tons of food aid a day but faces huge logistical constraints because of blocked roads and the mountainous terrain.

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U.N.: Pakistan Facing New Wave of Deaths

MUZAFFARABAD, Pakistan - Quake-ravaged Pakistan is facing a second catastrophe and a new wave of deaths if the world does not come forward to help survivors of the Oct. 8 earthquake before winter sets in, aid officials said Wednesday. The warning came as the United Nations appealed for nearly double what it previously sought from donor nations gathering Wednesday in Geneva to raise money for victims of the temblor, which is believed to have killed nearly 80,000 people most in the high Himalayan mountains of northern Pakistan.

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US to double military strength in quake-hit Pakistan

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The United States said it would nearly double its military forces in earthquake relief efforts in Pakistan to 1,000 as Washington steps up aid to its "war on terror" ally reeling from the deadly disaster.

The higher troop levels will come as Washington takes on bigger responsibilities in reconstruction and medical aid, including the setting up of two mobile hospitals with facilities to perform major surgeries, military officials said.

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RAF helicopters to help Pakistan

Seven British military helicopters will distribute aid in earthquake-hit Pakistan once three Chinooks become operational in two days.

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Momentum building to save Pakistan quake survivors

MUZAFFARABAD, Pakistan (Reuters) - International efforts to help up to three million survivors of Pakistan's devastating earthquake are gathering momentum, but time is short and much more is needed, aid officials said on Sunday.

"It is very high risk that this population is in," United Nations Humanitarian coordinator Rashid Khalikov told reporters, estimating rescuers had only five or six weeks to get people under shelter before the harsh Himalayan winter sets in.

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Earthquake rattles eastern Afghanistan, five killed

KABUL (AFP) - An earthquake has shaken eastern Afghanistan near the border of quake-hit Pakistan, with initial reports saying at least five people were killed and six hurt, the defence ministry said.

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Choppers failing to reach Pakistan quake victims

MUZAFFARABAD, Pakistan (AFP) - Massive cargo helicopters from the US and Pakistani militaries kick up clouds of dust in a herculean effort to deliver relief goods to millions left homeless after Pakistan's massive October 8 earthquake.

But a simple appeal scribbled on a page of a torn notepad offers a glimpse of the nightmarish conditions the survivors and injured are still facing -- urgent help has not arrived two weeks after the powerful quake that flattened their homes and many of them are dying.

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Pakistan earthquake worse than tsunami: UN

MUZAFFARABAD, PAKISTAN - The government of Pakistan's administered Kashmir Friday said more than 600,000 people were affected and at least 84,500 houses flattened in Muzaffarabad district alone by the October 8 killer earthquake.

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Tetanus kills five as Pakistan quake wounds fester

BALAKOT, Pakistan (AFP) - Five people have died from tetanus in the aftermath of Pakistan's devastating earthquake and 42 other cases are being treated, the health ministry said.

Pakistani and international aid workers have launched a massive campaign to vaccinate millions of people who survived the disaster but whose wounds could become infected, it said.

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Kashmir quake the world's toughest relief operation

MUZAFFARABAD, Pakistan - The devastating earthquake in Pakistan's northern mountains is turning into one of the toughest relief operations the world has ever known, international aid officials said on Thursday. "It's actually scary if you see the situation in the villages. You feel a sense of urgency you've not felt before, even in the tsunami," the World Food Programme's Mia Turner said.

"This is probably the greatest logistical challenge faced by an emergency operation," she said after the huge October 8 earthquake which struck hardest in the rugged mountains of Pakistani Kashmir and adjacent North West Frontier Province.

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Kashmiri survivors attend a special prayer ceremony

Kashmiri survivors attend a special prayer ceremony at 8:52 a.m....

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