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U.S. Says Pakistan Copter Wasn't Fired On

WASHINGTON - A U.S. military helicopter delivering relief supplies to earthquake victims in Pakistan apparently did not come under fire earlier this month as initially reported, the commander of U.S. relief efforts in Pakistan said Thursday.

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Bush Calls for More Earthquake Assistance

U.S. private-sector representatives to help assess needs and raise relief funds.

Washington -- One month after a devastating earthquake struck India and Pakistan, President Bush praised U.S. relief efforts in South Asia and called on Americans and the international community to contribute more to help meet short- and long-term needs as winter approaches.

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Relief Pace Still Slow a Month After Quake

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - A month after last year's tsunami, aid groups were hailing history's most successful fund-raising drive and starting to rebuild. A month after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans was nearly pumped dry and the mayor spoke optimistically of the future.

But one month after an earthquake killed more than 87,000 people in the Himalayas, there is barely enough money to keep relief operations going. Staying alive is all that matters for more than 3 million people left homeless and with winter bearing down, survival is not assured.

"What is particularly difficult in Kashmir is that people (will) freeze to death if they don't get assistance in weeks," U.N. humanitarian chief Jan Egeland said in New York. "It's even more urgent than it was in these other hurricanes or tsunamis."

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Pakistani-U.S. Translators Help Doctors

MUZAFFARABAD, Pakistan - Two days after arriving in Pakistani Kashmir last month to treat victims of the massive earthquake, U.S. Army surgeons performed their first amputation, cutting off Yaseeb Muhammad's left leg below the knee.

It fell to Spc. Abbas Farooqi, 22, to explain to Muhammad's family why the leg had to be amputated.

"It was the hardest thing I had to do in my life," said Farooqi, who speaks Urdu and translated for the doctors. "The man and his brother pleaded that we don't amputate, but it had to be done."

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Police Keep Kashmiris From Crossing Border

INDIA-PAKISTAN LINE OF CONTROL - Pakistani police fired tear gas to disperse Kashmiri villagers trying to cross into Indian territory illegally, marring an unprecedented frontier ceremony by the South Asian nuclear rivals to exchange earthquake aid.

U.N. agencies, meanwhile, announced a shortfall of $42.4 million for relief aid in the month of November, warning the death toll could surge as the onset of the bitter Himalayan winter cuts off communities.

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Earthquake jolts Pakistani Kashmir, no casualties reported

NEW DELHI, November 6 (Itar-Tass) -- A powerful earthquake, measuring six points on the open-ended Richter scale, jolted the Pakistani part of Kashmir on Sunday. There were no immediate reports about damage or casualties.

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India Delays Opening Border With Pakistan

MUZAFFARABAD, Pakistan - India on Saturday sharply curtailed plans to open its Kashmir frontier with Pakistan early this week to aid earthquake survivors a setback for the disaster diplomacy that has brought the nuclear-armed rivals closer in a time of need.

Meanwhile, forecasts of snow on the Pakistani side of the disputed Himalayan territory added to the ordeal for hundreds of thousands of survivors still without shelter nearly a month after the quake, as U.N. and other aid agencies struggle with limited budgets to deliver help before winter.

After the Oct. 8 quake killed about 80,000 people across Pakistan and the divided territory of Kashmir, India and Pakistan reached a breakthrough agreement to open five border crossings starting Monday.

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Pakistan increases quake toll to over 73,000

MUZAFFARABAD, Pakistan (Reuters) - Pakistan on Wednesday dramatically increased the official death toll from the devastating earthquake that hit the north of the country last month to 73,276 and said it could rise further.

Federal Relief Commissioner Major-General Farooq Ahmed Khan said the sharp rise from a figure of 57,600 given a day earlier could be related to concerted efforts to clear debris since the October 8 disaster.

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Pakistan seeks more medical aid as quake toll rises

MUZAFFARABAD, Pakistan (Reuters) - Pakistan appealed for antibiotics and painkillers on Tuesday as it raised the toll from last month's devastating earthquake to 57,597 killed and nearly 79,000 injured.

The updated figures from Pakistan Federal Relief Commission brought the total official toll from the disaster to nearly 59,000 - including 1,309 confirmed deaths and 6,622 injuries on the Indian side of the devastated Kashmir region.

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FAO mission to submit report on Agriculture loss

ISLAMABAD: FAO mission will submit its report to Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock regarding the loss in agriculture and livestock sector in quake-hit areas of NWFP and AJK by Nov 15, sources said here on Sunday.

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